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CNOC is very concerned about the latest CRTC wholesale service rate decisions

Posted by Adam Corby on 2011/11/18

Toronto, Ontario, November 15, 2011 – Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. (“CNOC”), is very concerned about the rates that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”) approved today for wholesale services that incumbent telephone and cable companies can charge independent Internet services providers (ISPs). These services are required by independent ISPs so they can offer Internet access and other broadband services to consumers.

In Telecom Regulatory Policies CRTC 2011-703 and 2011-704 issued today the CRTC implemented new rate structures and rates for wholesale services.

While CNOC is pleased that the CRTC adopted a capacity-based rate structure, the approved rates will have a detrimental impact on the prices that consumers pay for Internet access services. It will also be very difficult for providers of video services provided over the Internet to compete with the video services offered by the telephone and cable companies.

“The CRTC decision is only going to entrench the duopoly that exists between the large telephone and cable companies in the provision of Internet access services. The rates approved by the Commission today do not promote innovation and consumer choice”, said Bill Sandiford, President of CNOC. “CNOC is very concerned about the fragile state of wireline broadband competition in Canada in light of this decision”, he added.

About Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc.

Canadian Networks Operators Consortium Inc. is comprised of over 20 competitive telecommunications services providers that own or operate wireline networks, in whole or in part. CNOC members operate in every Province in Canada and generate revenues of more than half a billion dollars a year. The objectives of CNOC are:

  • To represent the interests of those bodies corporate in Canada that own or operate wireline networks, in whole or in part, and are involved in the competitive provision of communications services to the public over those networks;
  • To promote innovation and productivity in Canada, as well as Canada’s international competitiveness through the removal of barriers to increased competition in the provision of communications services;
  • To influence the development of laws and regulations, regulatory and judicial determinations, as well as public policy affecting communications in Canada;
  • To be the recognized and visible authority on the Canadian provision of competitive communications services;
  • To ensure that high levels of knowledge, training and ethics are adopted by Canadian competitive communications service providers;
  • To increase the level of competitive communications services business in the Canadian economy.

For media inquiries please contact William Sandiford, Chair of the Board and President, at (416) 613-2662 or media@cnoc.ca